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Mark Batterson Weekly Devo

For David’s Sake

We’re the beneficiaries of prayers we know nothing about. God was working long before we arrived on the scene, and He’s using us to set up the next generation.

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Closer Than Close - Devotional Message from Mark Batterson

Closer Than Close

The Holy Spirit is hovering. The Holy Spirit is whispering. The Holy Spirit is breathing into you the same breath He breathed into the dust bowl named Adam.

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Dark Night Devotional - Mark Batterson

Dark Night

When Jesus was on the cross, he felt farthest from the heavenly Father, yet that is when He was closest to accomplishing God’s purposes. We shouldn’t be deceived. When it seems as if God is letting us down, He is setting us up for something that may be beyond our ability to comprehend at the present moment.

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Snow Crystals - Devotional Message - Mark Patterson

Snow Crystals

No one was more passionate about life than Jesus. In fact, the final chapter of His life is appropriately referred to as the Passion. And we are called to follow in His footsteps.

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A Christmas Devotional Message from Mark Batterson

Merry Christmas

Few things are more fun than flipping those kinds of blessings! It can turn a rather mundane moment into an unforgettable memory! It can turn a ten-second encounter into a divine appointment that makes a difference for eternity.

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Ten Grinches Plus Two - A Christmas Devotional from Mark Batterson

Ten Grinches, Plus Two

The blessing of God cannot be equated to external circumstances or mate­rial things. It’s an internal reality—a state of mind, a state of soul. It’s joy un­speakable. It’s peace that surpasses understanding.

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Smile Quota by Mark Batterson - Weekly Devotional

Smile Quota

Once you get the hang of it, flipping the blessing is a ton of fun. But it’s not always easy. One of the hardest things to flip is our flipping attitude!

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Net Worth

Net worth isn’t calculated by a stock portfolio, equity in property, or the balance in your savings account. Your net worth is the sum total of all you’ve given away, not a penny more or a penny less.

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Count Your Blessings - Mark Batterson - Devotional - Thanksgiving

Count Your Blessings

If you enjoy something without giving thanks, it’s as if you have stolen it from God. Anything less than gratitude is grand larceny! If I remember right, “we enter His gates with thanksgiving.” Without the attitude of gratitude, we don’t even get in the front door!

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Seasons of Suffering

God grows us up spiritually in a hundred different ways, but the most effective method may be allowing us to endure situations that demand the character we need to cultivate.

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