Contending Season

March 13, 2020


Mark Batterson Weekly Devo

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Psalm 35:1:

“Contend, Lord, with those who contend with me;
    fight against those who fight against me.”

When you get a diagnosis that is difficult to digest or a dream turns into a nightmare or your marriage is tearing apart at the seams, you have choices to make. You can stand down, or you can stand on the promises of God. You can give up by giving in to guilt or fear or anger, or you can contend by praying as though it depends completely on God and working as if it depends completely on you.

Contending for what you believe in is harder than conceding to what you’re afraid of, but it’s the only option if you want to live by faith.

Where have you given up on God?
Where has hope been reduced to nothing?

That’s where you need to pitch your tent in the land of hope.
That’s where you need to pray the bravest prayer.

It’s time to contend.

Contend for your marriage.
Contend for your children.
Contend for your health.
Contend for your dream.
Contend for your faith.
Contend for that lost friend.
Contend for that mission field.

Contending isn’t easy, but here’s some good news: God is contending for you!

Long before you woke up this morning, the Holy Spirit was interceding for you, and long after you go to sleep tonight, He’ll still be interceding for you. He contends with those who contend against us. And if you are contending for a righteous cause, I promise you, God is contending for you! By faith, He fights our battles for us.

Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson serves as lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC. NCC also owns and operates Ebenezers Coffeehouse, The Miracle Theatre, and the DC Dream Center. Mark holds a doctor of ministry degree from Regent University and is the New York Times bestselling author of 17 books, including The Circle Maker, Chase the Lion, and Whisper. Mark and his wife, Lora, have three children and live on Capitol Hill.

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  1. Paula Cunningham on March 16, 2020 at 6:05 am

    I absolutely love this book! Each time I read it, more is revealed to me. Thank you for writing.

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