Mark Batterson serves as lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC. One church with seven locations. NCC is focused on reaching emerging generations and meets in theaters throughout the DC metro area. NCC also owns and operates the largest coffeehouse on Capitol Hill. Mark holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Regent University and is the New York Times bestselling author of 18 books...


Seek the Shadows

Sometimes you have to die to the dream God has given you so that God can resurrect the dream in its glorified form. And by glorified form, I simply mean pursuing the dream for God’s glory. When you stop living for selfish purposes, the pressure comes off. And that’s when your destiny comes into focus.…

Crazy Mirrors

The greatest mirror, the mirror that gives us the truest reflection of ourselves, is Scripture

God’s Needlepoint

It’s not our experiences that make us or break us. It’s our interpretation of and explanation for those experiences that ultimately determines who we become. Your explanations are more important than your experiences. There are lots of different explanations for the same experience. The tough part is choosing the right one. And that’s where we…


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Valley of Giants

If you want to REPEAT HISTORY, keep doing it the way it’s always been done. If you want to CHANGE HISTORY, dare to be different. What you perceive to be your biggest disadvantage may prove to be your greatest advantage. In Christ, you are nobody’s underdog! Your brave is someone else’s breakthrough.
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