I think there are two types of decisions that change the trajectory of our lives: defining decisions and daily decisions.  It’s the defining decisions that are the equivalent of an on ramp onto a highway that will take you to a totally different destination.  Daily decisions are the mile markers along the way!

Hundreds of churches and tens of thousands of people are taking the 40-day prayer challenge in 2013.  I believe that will prove to be a defining decision.  But it has to be backed up by the daily decision to seek God first.  I genuinely believe the next forty days could be the best days of your life, but they probably won’t be the easiest.  In fact, they might be the hardest.  By definition, praying hard is hard. Think of the prayer challenge as boot camp for spiritual warfare!  Before God can build us up He usually has to break us down. You’ve got to discipline yourself to get on your knees.  I’m sure you’ll have a few setbacks along the way, but don’t get discouraged.

Keep pressing in. Keep praying through.

Draw the circle!