A miracle happened today.

Glen Echo Baptist Church signed over the deed to their property to National Community Church. Are you kidding me?  This doesn’t happen, but it did happen!  What I love about this crazy miracle is that Wild Goose Chase was right in the middle of it. It’s been a Wild Goose Chase for sure! Long story short, I gave a copy of Wild Goose Chase to Harry Rexroth, who has worked with Youth for Christ in the DC area for a long time, who then recommended it to Tom Meeks, a deacon at GEBC.  That book took us on a wild goose chase over the last few months!

Here’s what blows me away: a church that is courageous enough to recognize that it is dying and generous enough to give their building to another church that they think can reach their community. Humbled beyond words. Praying that we steward it in a way that honors God, honors the legacy of Glen Echo Baptist Church, and blesses the town of Glen Echo.