We cast the $3.8 million vision for the DC Dream Center at the end of October. We’re now only 2% or $76,000 away from hitting that number.  I honestly believe it’ll be the most significant thing we’ve ever done as a church.  A huge thanks to shareholders who have already invested.  If you’d like to download a digital brochure, make a pledge, or give online you can do it at www.dcdreamcenter.com.

One of our core convictions is this: God will bless us in proportion to how we care for the poor in our city.

It’s going to be a cooperative ministry with other churches and other ministries. The last thing we want to do is reinvent the wheel. And we’re not coming in as saviors. We’re coming in as servants.  That is the example the Savior Himself set.

So many miracles have already happened to confirm that God’s favor is all over this dream.  First of all, we got a $500,000 piece of property for $38,000.  Then we got a $100,000 seed gift from Covenant Church in Dallas, TX.  And then we got a $1.9 million matching grant.

So grateful for the way so many people have made such sacrificial gifts!  Blown away by it.  I believe that our gifts are going to translate into far more than a brick-and-mortar building. That isn’t what this is about. They will translate into lots of hurting people hearing the life-giving message of the gospel that will transform their lives and change their eternal destiny!