I may be more excited about this book than any book I’ve ever written!  Some of my earliest memories are the bedtime books my parents read to me.  I love the fact that kids are going to download pictures of prayer that will begin shaping their holy imagination. May God raise up a generation of Circle Makers!

For what it’s worth, I wrote this book in thirty minutes on a flight from DC to Grand Rapids. It then took about a year to illustrate! A huge thanks to the incredibly talented illustrator, Antonia Javier Caparo.

Here’s the bottom line: if all you do is pray for your kids you’ve neglected half of your responsibility. You cannot just pray for your kids. You have to teach your kids to pray themselves!  The Circle Maker for Kids might be the missing link. It releases on August 6. Thought I’d give a little sneak peak.

Pre-order online at Christianbook.com or Barnes & Noble or Amazon.