I’m going to post a few opportunities to get an advance copy and gift copies of my next book, The Circle Maker.  Before I do, let me share a synopsis.

Fifteen years ago I did a 4.7 prayer walk around Capitol Hill.  Every property we own–Ebenezers Coffeehouse, our Theater on Barracks Row, and the $8 million miracle we call “the last piece of property on Capitol Hill”–are all right on that prayer route. I literally walked by the crackhouse that we turned into a coffeehouse. I walked right under the theater marquee.  I walked right around the property at 8th and Virginia Avenue.  That prayer walk took almost 3 hours, but God has been answering that prayer for 15 years! I didn’t even know it, but I was praying circles around promises that God had given us. And, of course, lots of others joined me in circles those miracles along the way.We double-circled, triple-circled, and hundred-circled them!

Then a few years ago I stumbled upon a true legend buried in the Talmud.  It’s the story of Honi the Circle Maker.  Here’s the short version.  In the 1st century BC there was a drought in Israel that threatened to destroy a generation. The people asked Honi to pray and here’s what he did.  He took his staff and drew a circle in the ground, then he knelt down and prayed a bold prayer: “Sovereign Lord, I swear before your great name that I will not leave this circle until you have mercy upon your children.”  Some within the Sanhedrin criticized Honi for his prayer saying it was too bold, but he was ultimately honored for “the prayer that saved a generation.”  And it reveals a truth that has not changed in two millennium: bold prayers honor God and God honors bold prayers.