The sequel to The Circle Maker will release on December 18–just in time for Christmas! I think it’ll be a great way to start the new year.  It’s titled Draw the Circle: The 40-Day Prayer Challenge, and if you liked The Circle Maker, you’ll love Draw the Circle.

It’s a 40-day devotional designed to jump-start people’s prayer lives and help them establish a prayer habit. You can read this book by yourself, but it was really designed for friends, families, small groups and churches to take the 40-day challenge together.  That adds an element of accountability and naturally creates a prayer circle.

I’m praying for 1000 churches to take the challenge in 2013. In fact, I have a FREE ADVANCE COPY for the first 1000 pastors who want in. Just email

We’re going to kick-off our 40-Day Prayer Challenge on Ash Wednesday and leverage LENT as a season of prayer and fasting leading up to Easter.  So circle 2.13.13 on your calendar!  We’ll actually do a nationwide simulcast that night for churches who want to be part of that virtual prayer meeting. We’ll partner with our friends at Incast Events. If you want in, check it out.

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