We have a core value at NCC: everything is an experiment. We love doing spiritual experiments. Just thought I’d share an NCC experiement with blog readers. Love to have some evotional readers experiment with us.

On Pentecost Sunday (May 27) we’re going to begin a ten-day Pentecost Fast. I know this is a crazy thought, but what if we actually did what they did in the Bible? What a novel thought. You can’t plan Pentecost. But if you pray for ten days, Pentecost might just happen. The 120 believers prayed for ten days. Pentecost happened. And they turned the ancient world upside down. I’m naive enough to believe that if we pray for ten days we can turn our cities upside down.

We’re not prescribing how to do it. I am recommending a fast of some sort. You might want to fast TV. The season finales are over anyways! You might want to fast sleep or fast a hobby. You might want to fast food or fast fast food.

Fasting is simply giving something up for the purpose of seeking God.

I’d also encourage you to add something to your spiritual rhythm. Maybe it’s reading through the book of Acts. Or reading through the New Testament in a different translation. Maybe it’s a spiritual retreat or a day of silence or prayer walks.

Ultimately, it’s about seeking God with the same kind of intensity and dependency as the early believers. Do you know why most of us have never experienced a personal pentecost? Because we want in nine days what took the Apostles ten days! Or better yet, we want it in eight or seven or six days. Or three or two or one. We’ve forgotten how to tarry.

But what would happen if we prayed through for ten days with no agenda other than seeking God? There’s only one way to find out.