This weekend we kick off a series titled How and my topic is How to Set Life Goals. I’ll post 10 Keys to Setting Goals in a separate blog, but here is my list of life goals as it stands on 01.01.08. One disclaimer: I’m still in the process of adding, subtracting, and upgrading this list.

I feel a little vulnerable sharing these goals because they are so personal. And I realize that some of them are subject to interpretation. And some of them could be perceived as selfish in nature. For example, owning a vacation home. But the motivation behind it is two-fold: 1) It is a way of diversing our portfolio and saving for retirement. 2) We have been blessed by people who have allowed us to stay at their homes when we couldn’t afford a vacation. We want to return the favor. We view the house as a ministry. It is a way we’ll be able to bless others who cannot afford a vacation.

I guess what I’m getting at is this: the motivation behind the goal is huge. If your motivation is wrong, then you’d be better off not accomplishing it.

I tried to set these goals in the context of prayer. So I honestly see all of them as spiritual goals. Even the travel goals. Travel is one way to worship God. The more of creation I experience the more I appreciate the Creator!

Enough disclaimers.

My primary motivation in sharing this list is that I hope it inspires you to come up with your own list of life goals.

Here is my list of 100 Life Goals:

Family Goals

1) Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

2) Live to meet my Great Grandchildren

3) Celebrate an Anniversary in Italy

4) Celebrate an Anniversary in the Caribbean

5) Take each of our kids on a mission trip

6) Coach a team for each of our kids

7) Own a Vacation Home

8) Take Summer to a Broadway Play

9) Take Parker to a film festival

10) Climb a 14er with one of my kids

11) Run a 10K with one of my kids

12) Run a triathlon with one of my kids

13) Take a three-month sabbatical

14) Send each of our kids on an all-expenses paid honeymoon

15) Pay for our grandchildren’s college education

16) Take my parents on a cruise

17) Take our grandchildren on a cruise

18) Go on a canoe trip with one of my kids

19) Drive a race car with one of my kids

20) Go skydiving with one of my kids

21) Go parasailing as a family

22) Go horseback riding as a family

23) Go skiing in Colorado as a family

24) Take our family on an RV vacation

25) Complete a one-year discipleship program with my sons

26) Take each of our kids on a rite of passage pilgrimage

27) Research our family genealogy

28) Design a Family Coat of Arms

29) Write an autobiography for my grandchildren

30) Take our grandchildren to Disney World

31) Go camping with our grandchildren

32) Take our grandchildren to a State Fair

33) Create a charitable family foundation

34) Celebrate a family reunion in Alexandria, Minnesota

Travel Goals

35) Climb to the Cliff Churches in Lailebela, Ethiopia

36) Go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem

37) Stay in the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite

38) Climb Half Dome

39) Take Lora to Catalina Island

40) See a dingo in the Australian Outback

41) Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

42) Climb the Red Center in the Australian Outback

43) Go on an African Safari

44) See the Aurora Borealis

45) Go kayaking in Alaska

46) Go surfing in South Africa

47) Retrace one of Paul’s missionary journeys

48) Pilgrimage to the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany

49) Take a Boat Cruise down the Rhine River

50) Ride a Gondola in Venice

51) Run with the Bulls in Spain

52) See the Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

53) Hike the Haleakala Trail in Hawaii

54) Straddle the Equator

55) See the Blue Grotto in Italy

56) Visit the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

57) Kiss Lora on top of the Eiffel Tower

58) Play a round of golf at St. Andrews in Scotland

Experience Goals

59) Go to a Superbowl

60) Go to a Packers game at Lambeau Field

61) Ride a Mule into the Grand Canyon

62) Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

63) Raft a Class V River

64) Go Cave Tubing in South America

65) Go Hang Gliding

66) Do a personal retreat at a monastery

67) Spend a night in a tree house hotel

68) Spend a night on a house boat

69) Go cliff jumping

70) Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

71) Learn to Snowboard

72) Learn to Surf

73) Do a Forty Day Fast

74) Do a stand-up comedy routine

75) Take Lora to the Oscars

76) Take a month-long vacation

Physical Goals

77) Run a Half Marathon

78) Run a Triathlon

79) Swim the Escape from Alcatraz

80) Bike a Century

81) Dunk a basketball at 40+

82) Bench Press 250 Pounds at 50+

83) Run a Triathlon at 60+

Influence Goals

84) Write 25 Books

85) Sell 10 million copies

86) Write a New York Times Bestseller

87) Earn a Doctoral Degree

88) Teach a College Class

89) Be Financially Independent by 55

90) Give away $3 million lifetime

91) Pastor one church for 35+ years

92) Make movie

93) Host a radio or TV program

94) Plant 100 churches

95) Create a Leadership Conference

96) Speak at a college commencement

97) Open a Chain of Coffeehouses

98) Take a mission trip to five different continents

99) Lead NCC to 10,000+ in attendance

100) Lead NCC to give $25,000,000 to missions