Still recuperating from this weekend. It was absolutely exhausting and energizing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Wrapped up our vision series talking about our 2020 vision. The short version of our vision? In number form: 20 x 20 and $2,000,000 x 20.

The first half of the vision is 20 locations by 2020. We’ll continue to leverage movie theaters and coffeehouses in the metro DC area, but we’ll also go international with a cafe ministry in Berlin, Germany in 2011. And we’d like to be more strategic with our church planter in residence position and target some other city centers in the northeast. That is half the vision. The other half is the driving motivation: giving $2 million to missions annually by 2020. This mantra has really become a core value at NCC: we need to grow more so we can give more. And we believe that God will continue to bless us in proportion to how we give to missions.