Just finished a 2 1/2 meeting with our Stewardship Team. So grateful for their collective wisdom! A month ago there was a $400,000 disparity between budgeted income and expense. The good news is that we just balanced the budget.

We had to put two staff hires on our wish list. And we had to wish list a few other things. But I feel good about balancing the books.

For what it’s worth, we budgeted a 13% increase on the income side of the equation. That is a relatively conservative number looking at our historical giving patterns, but it’s enough to stretch us. I never want to overshoot on the income side because then you live with that week-to-week pressure if you’re under budget.

I continue to marvel at the faithfulness of God. I still remember when our monthly income was $2000 and $1600 was the rental fee for the DC public school where we met. In fact, I’m pretty sure last week’s offering was more than our entire income the first year!

Praise God and pass the popcorn!

One of the great things about church planting is that it keeps you grounded. Here’s a good rule of thumb: the longer you’ve been around the less you take for granted.

You remember when :)